Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals / 高度専門職

高度専門職 / Highly-skilled foreign professionals

What is “highly-skilled foreign professionals”?

Under the points-based system, foreign nationals recognized as “highly-skilled foreign professionals” will be given preferential immigration treatment.

Let’s check out wheather you have enough scores to qualify as “highly-skilled foreign professionals” by Points Calculation Table.

Who can expect to receive “highly-skilled foreign professionals”

  • who score 70 points or higher
  • Even if you score 70 points or higher, annual income of  ¥3,000,000 or more is required.

Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals

(Immigration Services Agency of Japan)

The three types of activities for “highly-skilled foreign professionals (i)

Highly Skilled Professional (i) (a)

Advanced academic research activities, such as “Professor” “Researcher”

Highly Skilled Professional (i) (b) Advanced specialized/technical activities, such as “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services”
Highly Skilled Professional (i) (c) Advanced business and management activities, such as “Business Manager”

Preferential immigration treatment

Highly-skilled foreign professionals (i)

  • Allowing multiple activities during residence
  • Period of stay: five years
  • Relaxation of residency history requirements for permission for permanent residence
  • Spouse’s employment
  • Permission to bring parents under a certain set of conditions
  • Permission to bring a housekeeper under a certain set of conditions

  • Priority handling of procedures for entry and residence

Highly Skilled Professional (ii)

  1. Can perform activities classified under almost all work statuses of residence along with the activities of “Highly Skilled Professional (i)”
  2. Unlimited period of stay
  3. Can receive preferential treatment for points 3 to 6 above
Visa Support
Visa Support

Someone who has been active as a Highly Skilled Professional (i) for 3 years or more can qualify as a Highly Skilled Professional (ii).



Procedures and necessary documents

Business owners who will employ highly skilled professionals need to submitt a notification to Hello Work

When applying for Permanent Residence

  • Foreign nationals who scored 80 points or more can apply for permanent residence if having lived in Japan for a minimum of 1 year (continuously).
  • Foreign nationals who scored 70 points or more can apply for permanent residence if having lived in Japan for a minimum of 3 years (continuously).

You don’t have to already have “highly-skilled foreign professionals”.